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  • October 2014
    “How Does the Holy Spirit Convict Today?” (A Review, Part 3) (66) — Gary W. Summers
    Closest (67) — Michael Hatcher
    A Must for Your Library (Part 3) 2014 Bellview Lectureship Book: Understanding the Will of the Lord (70) — Doug Post
    40th Annual Bellview Lectureship: Refuting Realized Eschatology

Known Problems in Viewing Specific PDF Pages

If you are using Firefox or Safari on MacIntosh computers the navigation to a specific page in a PDF file does not work. When you navigate to the PDF file your browser will take you to the first page of the file. We have not been able to find a solution to this problem. We welcome any suggestions!

The following work-around can be used:

  1. The page number has been placed after the title of the article.
  2. When you navigate to the PDF file do a CMD + Shift + N
  3. A small window will appear. Type in the page number of the article and hit the Enter key.

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