Basic Bible Course

BibleThe Basic Bible Course was written by Ira Y. Rice, Jr., and is available in PDF (portable document format).

Each lesson has been formated to allow students to complete the course via the Internet or to download the files to a computer. If you encounter any problems with the files (including typographical errors) please fill out the Contact Form and let us know.

Each lesson can be viewed by clicking on the title of the lesson. The questions are a separate file. You will need to have a PDF reader program installed to view the lessons. The entire file can be viewed here. (The chart in Lesson 21 can be viewed here.)

Basic Bible Course
Students of the Basic Bible Course

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The Basic Bible Course is also available on the Bellview Lectures books-on-CD.

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Help Section

To download the PDF files to your computer place your cursor over the Lesson Title and right click on the mouse button. Click on "Save Target As" and save the file to your computer. Or, you can click on the Lesson Title you want and your PDF reader program will open in your Internet browser window. You can save the program by clicking on the save button.

The PDF files for the questions have been designed to allow the filling out of the questions using your computer. There are PDF programs on the Internet that will allow you to fill out and save PDF files.