Set Ye Up A Standard in The Land (Jeremiah 51:27)

8th Annual Bellview Lectures

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  • My People Are Destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge — Jim Ward
  • Study to Show Thyself Approved — Ed Floyd
  • "God...Hath in These Last Days Spoken Unto Us By His Son...See That Ye Refuse Not Him That Has Spoken" — James King
  • "Will We Come No More Unto God?" — Roger Campbell
  • "Go Stand and Speak" — Tommy Alford
  • "Set Ye Up A Standard in the Land" — H. A. Dobbs
  • "And Having Done All to Stand" — W. N. (Bill) Jackson
  • Mechanical Instrumental Music — Ken Burleson
  • As Hard As An Adamant Stone — Ernest Underwood
  • The Prophecy of Hosea — Jim Dobbs
  • The New Birth — Robert Taylor
  • Restoring the Erring — Mac Deaver
  • "This Is the Love of God" — W. N. (Bill) Jackson
  • "Be Thou an Ensample" — Jim Dobbs
  • If You Weary When Running with the Footmen, How Can You Run With the Horses? — Joe Ruiz
  • Are We Carrying the Right Banner? — Bill Coss
  • The Book of Ezra — Ray Peters
  • The Prophecy of Hosea — Jim Dobbs
  • The Indwelling Spirit — Buster Dobbs
  • When Is an Example Binding? — Gerald Reynolds (first half missing)
  • The Church Is Precious in God's Eyes — Andrew Connally
  • The System of Salvation — James Boyd
  • "Who Did Hinder You That You Should Not Obey the Truth?" — Ira Y. Rice, Jr.
  • Growing in Grace and Knowledge — John Grubb
  • Living Soberly, Righteously and Godly — Ben Vick
  • Taiwan Missionary — Joe Ruiz
  • The Prophecy of Hosea — Jim Dobbs
  • "Confess Your Faults One to Another" — Robert Taylor
  • Is The Church of Christ a Big Sick Denomination? — James Boyd
  • The Prophecy of Micah — Daniel Denham
  • Spiritual Gifts — H. A. Dobbs
  • There Is a Balm in Gilead — Andrew Connally