Jesus And His Times

11th Annual Bellview Lectures

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  • Is It Lawful to Do Good on the Sabbath — John Priola
  • Christ Before Wicked Man — Eddie Smith
  • Art Thou the Christ — Ernest Underwood
  • This Cup Is the New Testament — L. E. Wishum
  • Can the Blind Lead the Blind — Mitchell Temple
  • Let Him Deny Himself and Follow Me — Garry Brantley
  • Annunciation to Mary — Curtis Cates
  • The Law And the Prophets Were Until John — Rex Turner, Sr.
  • Whereunto Then Shall I Liken the Men of This Generation? — Gerald Reynolds
  • O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem — Charles Tharp
  • "Why Call Ye Me Lord Lord?" — Jimmie C. Steele
  • Simon Glorifies the Christ — Grady Miller
  • Jesus and False Teachers In Luke's Gospel — Jim Boyd
  • Who is Greatest In the Kingdom — John Mays
  • With Power and Great Glory — Robert Taylor
  • This Day Is This Scripture Fulfilled — A. L. Parr
  • I Am Come to Send Fire on the Earth — Charles Blair
  • Judge Not and Ye Shall Not Be Judged — William S. Cline
  • Woe Unto You Lawyers — Ken Burleson
  • Sifted As Wheat — Fred House
  • My Father's Business — Ira Y. Rice, Jr.
  • Having Put His Hand to the Plough — Guy Hester
  • The Baptism of John: Was It From Heaven? — William Wardlaw
  • Thou Shalt Not Tempt the Lord Thy God — Bill Coss
  • Believe Only, and She Shall Be Made Whole — Kenneth Cook
  • Taiwan Work
  • All These Things Must Be Fulfilled — Eddie James
  • The Kingdom of God Is Within You — Fred Stancliff (John Stacy)
  • He That Is Not Against Us Is With Us — Mac Deaver
  • Let the Dead Bury the Dead — John Grubb
  • Repentance and Remission Of Sins — Howard Swann
  • O Ye Of Little Faith — Jim Faughn
  • A House Divided Falleth — Gary Workman
  • The Harvest Is Great, Laborers Few — Roy Deaver