What Does God Authorize In Worship?

15th Annual Bellview Lectures

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  • Congregational Singing
  • Worship in the Old Testament Period — Curtis A. Cates
  • The Development and Influence of Synagogue Worship — Rex A. Turner, Sr.
  • Worship With Gladness — Ronnie Hayes
  • The Priesthood Being Changed, Has the Worship Changed? — Jerry Martin
  • Ascertaining Bible Authority for Acceptable Worship — Roy Deaver
  • Singing and Christian Worship — Noah Hackworth
  • What Day Has God Authorized for Christian Worship? — Jerri Manasco
  • The Restoration of Worship According to God's Pattern — B. C. Carr
  • Shall We Worship in Truth And/Or By Tradition — Dub McClish
  • The Lord's Supper and Christian Worship — Joe Gilmore
  • Preaching and Christian Worship — Alton Hayes
  • Has God Authorized Different Roles for Men and For Women in Christian Worship? — H. A. (Buster) Dobbs
  • Ascertaining Bible Authority for Acceptable Worship — Roy Deaver
  • Should Our Desire Be to Worship God or to Entertain Men? — Ira Y. Rice, Jr.
  • How Shall We Teach Our Children to Worship? — Stephen Waller
  • Our Fathers Worshipped in This Mountain — Bobby Liddell
  • Practical Suggestion for Improving Our Worship — Foy Smith
  • Does One Sin When He Chooses Not to Assemble With the Saints to Worship? — Bobby Duncan
  • Giving and Christian Worship — Shan Jackson
  • Attitudes Toward Worship in the Book of Acts — Winfred Clark
  • Ascertaining Bible Authority for Acceptable Worship — Roy Deaver
  • Are There Essentials and Expedients in Worship? — Flavil Nichols
  • The History and Growth of Satan Worship — Garry Brantley
  • Four Types of Worship — William S. Cline
  • Prayer and Christian Worship — Ray Peters
  • Can A Christian Worship Acceptably in or With a Denomination — Andrew Connally
  • Does Man Worship By Instinct and/or By Revelation? — Stanley Ryan
  • Is Everything the Christian Does Worship? — Eddie Whitten
  • A History of Idols and Idol Worship Through the Ages — Daniel Denham
  • Thou Shalt Worship the Lord Thy God — Guss Eoff