Current Crises Challenging The Church

17th Annual Bellview Lectures

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  • Must Christians Keep Themselves Pure? — Willie Bradshaw
  • Is It Time to Update Our Worship? — Ray W. Peters
  • The Eldership: Critical Problem in the Church Today — William S. Cline
  • Is Abortion Murder? — Terry Claunch
  • Do We Need a Now Hermeneutics? — Eddie Whitten
  • How Does the Holy Spirit Guide Men? — Jerry L. Martin
  • The Threat of Influential False Teachers and Unfaithful Schools — Noah A. Hackworth
  • A Study of Matthew 19:9 (Part 1) — Roy Deaver
  • Is the Faithfulness of Today the Anti-ism of Tomorrow? — H. Daniel Denham
  • What Is Included in the Command to Sing? — Winfred Clark
  • Are We Still a People Who Know the Bible? — Garry Barnes
  • Is the Church of Christ a Cult? — Stephen P. Waller
  • Is There a Pattern? — Andrew M. Connally
  • What in the Role of Women in the Church? — Bobby Duncan
  • Is the Church Lacking in Spirituality? — Guss Eoff
  • A Study of Matthew 19:9 (Part 2) — Roy Deaver
  • Modern Versions: Translations or Perversions? — Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
  • What Is Excluded By the Command to Sing? — Winfred Clark
  • Is It Wrong to Judge? — Larry Middlebrooks
  • Problem in the Pulpit — B. C. Carr
  • Is the Church of Christ the Restored Church or Just One Part of the Restoration Fellowship? — Harrell Davidson
  • In Salvation By Grace Alone? — Garland Elkins
  • Have We Sold Our House to Satan? — H. A. (Buster) Dobbs
  • A Study of Matthew 19:9 (Part 3) — Roy Deaver
  • Have We Lost the Desire to Be Servants? — Ira Y. Rice, Jr.
  • Strange and Uncertain Sounds from Brethren — Allen Webster
  • Creation Vs Evolution — Garry K. Brantley
  • Do We Care That Millions Have Not Heard of Christ? — Ronnie Hayes
  • Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God? — Jerri Manasco
  • Does God's Love Prohibit Punishment? — Joe Gilmore, Jr.