God's Pattern For Christian Living

18th Annual Bellview Lectures

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  • Jesus Christ: Our Perfect Example — Roy Deaver
  • God's Word: Setting the Heart to Seek It — Anthony D. Tarole
  • God's Word: Setting the Heart to Do It — Carl B. Garner
  • God's Word: Setting the Heart to Teach It — Paul Vaughn
  • God's Pattern For the Church — David P. Brown
  • God's Pattern for the Home: Husbands — Curtis A. Cates
  • God's Pattern for the Home: Wives — Joe Gilmore
  • God's Pattern for the Home: Parents — Noah A. Hackworth
  • God's Pattern for the Home: Children — Glenn Posey
  • To Live in Christ — Shan Jackson
  • Choosing a Mate For Life — Ray W. Peters
  • A Life of Christ-like Companion — Eddie Whitten
  • Positives And Negatives of Christian Living — Ira Y. Rice, Jr.
  • Living By Faith — Garry Barnes
  • Living in View of Eternity — Bobby Duncan
  • Living With Respect to Things — Harold Bigham
  • Living With Respect to Time — Tommy Alford
  • Living With Respect to Temptation — Thomas W. Larkin
  • The Peace And Joy of Christian Living — Jackie Stearsman
  • Christians Do Good Unto All Men — Stanley Ryan
  • Have We Forgotten Christian Hospitality? — Guss Eoff
  • Christians Outlive the World — Roger Jackson
  • We Count Them Happy Which Endure — Winfred Clark
  • God's Faithful Are Forgiven And Forgiving — Dub McClish
  • How Does the Holy Spirit Influence Christian Living? — H. A. (Buster) Dobbs
  • Opposing Error in Word And in Deed — Wayne Coats
  • Growing Stronger in Christ Every Day — Clifford Newell, Jr.
  • God's Word: the Pattern — Bobby Liddell