Changes In The Church Of Christ

19th Annual Bellview Lectures

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  • What Is the Church of Christ? — Jerry Martin
  • Does the Church of Christ Need to Change? — Winfred Clark
  • The Call for Change: Is It Valid? — Bobby Liddell
  • Changes in Morals: the Decline of Moral Values — James Rogers
  • Changing Views on the Inspiration and Interpretation of the Bible — Stanley Ryan
  • Changes Influenced By Christian Education — Clifford Newell
  • Changes in Morals: Changing Views on Marriage — Stephen P. Waller
  • Changes in Preaching: Ethics for Preachers — Curtis A. Cates
  • Is the Church Subject to Changes in Culture? — Terry Hightower
  • A History of Change in the Church of Christ — Paul Vaughn
  • How Effective Proper Bible Study Promotes and Prevents Change (Part 1) — Roy Deaver
  • Changes in Preaching: What Shall We Preach? — Eddie Whitten
  • Changing Attitudes Toward Love — John Stewart
  • Changes in Worship: Special Music — Flavil Nichols
  • Changing Attitudes Toward Fellowship — Garland Elkins
  • The Gospel of Christ Is Unchanged and Unchanging — Dub McClish
  • Changes in Preaching: the Role of the Preacher — Noah Hackworth
  • How Effective Proper Bible Study Promotes and Prevents Change (Part 2) — Roy Deaver
  • Changes Influenced By Brotherhood Publications — Waymon Swain
  • Changes in Preaching: Motivation to Preach — David P. Brown
  • Changes in Morals: Questions About Homosexuality — H. A. (Buster) Dobbs
  • Changes in Worship: Faith Over Feelings — Joe Gilmore
  • Changing Attitudes Toward Baptism — Lindell Mitchell
  • Changing Attitudes Toward Church Growth — David Courington
  • How Effective Proper Bible Study Promotes and Prevents Change (Part 3) — Roy Deaver
  • Changing Attitudes Toward Truth — Garry Brantley
  • Changes in Worship: Is All We Do Worship? — Garry Barnes
  • Agents and Tools of Change — Wayne Coats
  • Changes in Worship: the Role of Women — Fred Davis
  • Changing Attitudes Toward Pure Religion — Guss Eoff

Open Forums

  • Open Forum — Flavil Nichols
  • Open Forum — Buster Dobbs
  • Open Forum — Wayne Coats

Book Only

  • Changing Attitudes Toward Grace — Keith Mosher
  • Changing Attitudes Toward the Work of the Holy Spirit — Ronnie Hayes
  • Calvinism's Influence on the Church — Daniel Denham
  • Changes in Leadership — Burt Jones